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jackson, the backup dancer

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infinite the new members of sistar

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seriously, how did this team not win?

seriously, how did this team not win?

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"After seeing me on TV, everyone thinks of me as someone who is playful, very cheerful, always the one to take the initiative to get close to people, and also someone who has a lot of aegyo.”

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"The strange dance they danced to in the making was originally the choreography. A famous foreign choreographer gave it to them but it was strange so it was changed."

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 shirtless hoseok… GOODBYE

shirtless hoseok… GOODBYE

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Sunggyu’s cutest lips ^3^

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hoya + child

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Hi School! Love On: bloopers

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178% finished. d o n e .

the way his shoulders shake when he laughs ;_;

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american hustle life - ep. 2 preview

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